Vicat's apparatus is used for

A. Fineness test

B. Consistency test

C. Setting time test

D. Soundness test

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  1. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
  2. The diameter of ties in a column should be
  3. According to ISI recommendations, the maximum depth of stress block for balanced section of a beam of…
  4. To obtain cement dry powder, lime stones and shales or their slurry, is burnt in a rotary kiln at a…
  5. In order to obtain the best workability of concrete, the preferred shape of aggregate is
  6. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  7. The surface where two successive placements of concrete meet, is known as
  8. The mixture of different ingredients of cement, is burnt at
  9. Sands of zone I are:
  10. If the size of panel in a flat slab is 6 m × 6 m, then as per Indian Standard Code, the widths…
  11. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
  12. While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, the slump should not exceed
  13. A higher modular ratio shows
  14. 1% of voids in a concrete mix would reduce its strength by about
  15. The void ratio of
  16. Strength of concrete with passage of time
  17. Sinking of an intermediate support of a continuous beam (i) Reduces the negative moment at support (ii)…
  18. For the construction of the retaining structures, the type of concrete mix to be used, is
  19. An excess of flaky particles in concrete aggregates
  20. If 50 kg of fine aggregates and 100 kg of coarse aggregates are mixed in a concrete whose water cement…
  21. Grading of sand causes great variation in
  22. Pick up the correct proportions of chemical ingredients of cement
  23. Strength of concrete increases with
  24. Workability improved by adding
  25. Internal friction between the ingredients of concrete, is decreased by using
  26. Batching error means inaccuracy in the quantity of
  27. The minimum diameter of longitudinal bars in a column is
  28. The maximum percentage of chemical ingredient of cement is that of
  29. For concreting tunnel linings, transportation of concrete is done by
  30. In a ring beam subjected to uniformly distributed load (i) Shear force at mid span is zero (ii) Shear…