Volumetric efficiency is

A. The ratio of stroke volume to clearance volume

B. The ratio of the air actually delivered to the amount of piston displacement

C. Reciprocal of compression ratio

D. Index of compressor performance

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  1. If V, U and Vr represent the absolute velocity of fluid, velocity of blade, and relative velocity of…
  2. Compression efficiency is compared against
  3. The thermodynamic efficiency of rotary compressor is based on
  4. Euler's equation is applicable for
  5. In a jet propulsion unit, the products of combustion after passing through the gas turbine are discharged…
  6. In jet propulsion power unit, the inlet duct of diverging shape is used in order to
  7. The weight per horse power ratio for gas in Turbine as compared to I.C. engine and steam turbine is
  8. In a double acting compressor, the air is compressed
  9. An ideal air compressor cycle without clearance on PV diagram can be represented by following processes
  10. The effective power of gas turbines is increased by adding the following in compressor
  11. The thrust on the rotor in a centrifugal compressor is produced by
  12. If infinite number of heaters be used in a gas turbine, then expansion process in turbine approaches
  13. A rocket engine uses ________ for the combustion of its fuel.
  14. Volumetric efficiency of air compressors is of the order of
  15. The closed cycle in gas turbines
  16. In a centrifugal compressor, the flow of air is ________ to the axis of compressor.
  17. For an irreversible gas turbine cycle, the efficiency and work ratio both depend on
  18. Mining industry usually employs following motive power
  19. A compressor at high altitudes will require ________ power.
  20. Euler's equation can be used for
  21. A machine used to raise the pressure of air is called
  22. The compressor performance at higher altitude compared to sea level will be
  23. The working fluid in a turbine is
  24. In jet engines, paraffin is usually used as the fuel because of its
  25. Inter cooling in compressors
  26. Pick up the false statement
  27. Gas turbine blades are given a rake
  28. The reason for volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor being less than 100 percent is
  29. The most efficient method of compressing air is to compress it
  30. Propulsion efficiency of the following order is obtained in practice