____________ was developed to support aggregation and summarization of routing

A. Static Routing protocol

B. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

C. Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

D. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

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  1. What are the subnet mask in dotted decimal notation for /20 networks?
  2. ________is a multicast extension to OSPF Version 2.
  3. Which is the port used by POP3?
  4. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  5. Which of the following network topologies has the highest level of redundancy?
  6. In TCP segment format _______indicates start of data.
  7. What is the IEEE specification for Ethernet?
  8. 80 is the well-known port number for the HTTP service.
  9. AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.
  10. Which type of BGP message is sent by a system to notify another router of the senders existence?
  11. In ----------------------- configuration, the switch begins to forward the packet as soon as it is received.…
  12. Data Transmission is not a layer in the OSI model
  13. Which of the following can provide a backbone network of 600 meters in length without using repeaters?
  14. Select the standard for token ring using token-passing media access.
  15. Router B receives an update from router A that indicates Net1 is two hops away. The next update from…
  16. Which of these is an example for unguided transmission?
  17. What is used to boost a digital signal?
  18. What layer of the OSI protocol reference model does a bridge operate under?
  19. ARP is defined in RFC _____ and it is a current internet standard, ________
  20. Which of the following can translate between dissimilar protocols and network types?
  21. ----------------is a static algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent out on every outgoing line…
  22. Which of the following protocols were designed for terminal emulation to connect dissimilar systems?
  23. In the symmetric-key method of cryptography, which key is publicly known?
  24. ------------------- is/ are caused by the random motion of the electrons in a wire and is unavoidable.
  25. The Hamming Distance for the codes generated using either even or odd parity will be------------------
  26. The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is described in which of the following?
  27. Which of the following protocol resolves a host's hardware address for a known IP address?
  28. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  29. You are browsing www.microsoft.com on a machine named host.contoso.org.. What is the order of domain…
  30. What is the address identified when socket is available at each end of TCP?