Water gas is produced by

A. Carbonisation of coal

B. Passing steam over incandescent coke

C. Passing air and a large amount of steam over waste coal at about 65°C

D. Partial combustion of coal, eke, anthracite coal or charcoal in a mixed air steam blast

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  1. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  2. In jet engines, for the efficient production of large power, fuel is burnt in an atmosphere of
  3. The clearance volume of the air compressor is kept minimum because
  4. After-cooler is used to
  5. Reheating in a multistage expansion gas turbine __________ compressor work.
  6. The maximum delivery pressure in a rotary air compressor is
  7. Volumetric efficiency of a compressor without clearance volume
  8. The maximum combustion pressure in gas turbine as compared to I.C. engine is
  9. In a jet engine, the air-fuel ratio is
  10. Out of the following, from where you will prefer to take intake for air compressor
  11. The volumetric efficiency of a compressor falls roughly as follows for every 100 m increase in elevation
  12. If infinite number of heaters be used in a gas turbine, then expansion process in turbine approaches
  13. Inter cooling in compressors
  14. Adiabatic compression is one in which
  15. In a centrifugal compressor, an increase in speed at a given pressure ratio causes
  16. The stagnation pressure rise in a centrifugal compressor takes place
  17. The closed cycle in gas turbines
  18. A centrifugal compressor works on the principle of
  19. Ramjet engine
  20. Open cycle gas turbine works on
  21. For a two stage compressor, if index of compression for higher stage is greater than index of compression…
  22. When the outlet angle from the rotor of a centrifugal compressor is more than 90°, then the blades…
  23. The axial flow compressor is preferred in aircraft gas turbines because of
  24. The ratio of workdone per cycle to the stroke volume of the compressor is known as
  25. Aeroplanes employ following type of compressor
  26. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  27. The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of
  28. Pick up the wrong statement
  29. In a single acting reciprocating compressor, the suction, compression and delivery of air takes place…
  30. Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using