Wavelength of radiation emitted by a body depends on the __________ of its surface.

A. Temperature

B. Area

C. Nature

D. All 'a', 'b' & 'c'

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  1. Which of the following is preferred for riveting?
  2. Metallic surveying tapes are made of __________ which has a low co-efficient of expansion & enough strength.
  3. For infinite parallel planes having emissivities ε1 & ε2, the interchange factor for radiation…
  4. Which of the following test is used for distinguishing among dry oils, semi-drying oils and non drying…
  5. A thin, flat & square plate measuring 2 m × 2 m is freely hanging in ambient air at 25°C.…
  6. Temper brittleness of a material can be fairly detected by the __________ test.
  7. If a nuclear reactor produces more fissile nuclear fuel than it consumes, then it is called a __________…
  8. Lead is poured into the joint between two- __________ pipes.
  9. The best guide to judge the general quality of water is the measurement of its
  10. The friction factor for the turbulent fluid flow in a rough pipe does not depend upon the
  11. __________ test determines the yield strength, Young's modulus of elasticity, percentage reduction in…
  12. Uniform ramming of sand in green sand moulding process leads to
  13. Specific __________ is a dimensionless quantity.
  14. Ammonia gas can be dried by
  15. In connection with corrosion of metals, passivation is the process that
  16. Silicon in steel
  17. Out of the following substances, one ton of __________ will store the maximum heat for a rise of 30°C…
  18. To counteract the bad effects of strain hardening on a cold formed part, it must be
  19. Which of the following is a commonly used manometric liquid for low pressure range?
  20. Reduction in the grain size reduces the __________ of the material.
  21. The passage between the nozzle and the __________ is called 'sprue' in case of injection moulding.
  22. For the irreversible reaction, Ca+ 2C = Ca C2 , Δ H°298 = - 60000 J . mole-1 . If a system…
  23. The ratio of the shear stress to the principal stress on a principal plane is
  24. Which of the following material handling equipments is not suitable for moving materials in varying…
  25. __________ glass is used in the mercury in glass thermometer meant for measuring a temperature of 500°C.
  26. Thermodynamic cycle involved in the working of a thermal power plant is the __________ cycle.
  27. What is the critical radius of insulation (cms) for a metallic cylinder, if the convective heat transfer…
  28. Which of the following is the correct nature of shear stress distribution along the cross section in…
  29. Presence of nickel & chromium in steel does not raise its
  30. Absolute zero pressure can be attained at a temperature of