We can blend an object along a path.

A. True

B. False

You can do it
  1. Convert to Curve option is under Layout Menu
  2. We can set different Undo Level for Bitmap Effects.
  3. In CorelDraw Clone is a copy of an object or an area of an image that is linked to the original object.
  4. We cannot export WMF files from CorelDraw.
  5. The shortcut key to open a new file in CorelDRAW is _______.
  6. We can rotate guides in CorelDRAW.
  7. We can get layers from ____________ option.
  8. The shortcut key of Snap to Grid in CorelDraw is Ctrl+G
  9. We cannot edit an object even after placing it within a container.
  10. Extrude is a feature that allows you to give objects a three-dimensional (3D) look by creating the illusion…
  11. Shortcut key for Select All is Ctrl + A.
  12. The shortcut key to open Size dialog box.
  13. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDraw.
  14. The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.
  15. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut of Break Apart is _________.
  16. We cannot import. TIFF file in CorelDraw
  17. In PageMaker the minimum target output resolution that we can set is_____
  18. To activate the Text tool, keyboard is F10.
  19. We can view Postscript Fill in only Simple Wireframe.
  20. The shortcut key to Position dialog box.
  21. We can blend an object along a path.
  22. The shortcut key to open Skew dialog box.
  23. The shortcut key of Graphic and Text Style is Ctrl+F5.
  24. We cannot work with Layer in CorelDraw
  25. We cannot Blend objects into Path.
  26. The shortcut key of Ungroup is Ctrl+U.
  27. From Fountain Fill we cannot make gradient color
  28. The ________ command makes it easy to create the illusion of perspective in your drawings.
  29. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDRAW.
  30. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.