We get Facing Pages option active when ____________ option is on.

A. Single Page

B. Double sided

C. Single sided

D. None of the above

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  1. The shortcut key of underline in PageMaker ________is
  2. Click Facing Page if you want left and right pages displayed together.
  3. The shortcut Key of Text Wrap is ______ in PageMaker.
  4. TOC stand for
  5. Alt+Ctrl+P shortcut key is related to Page Numbering.
  6. The shortcut key to open Go to Page dialog box is
  7. Short cut key of Style palette is ________ .
  8. Fill and Stroke is related to Edit Menu.
  9. Text Wrap can not be used in case of _______ graphics.
  10. ___________ is the process of adjusting space between specific letter pairs in PageMaker.
  11. In PageMaker space between two columns is called
  12. The shortcut key of Go to Next Frame in PageMaker.
  13. In case of Hanging Indentation, the value of first line should be positive.
  14. Convert Quotes converts double dashes to em dashes.
  15. .PageMaker is a Product of Macromedia
  16. Minimum Zoom level in PageMaker is 25%.
  17. We get "High Resolution" option from _____ dialog box.
  18. A page can be divided into maximum of 8 columns.
  19. The shortcut key of 400% zoom view in PageMaker is
  20. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  21. In PageMaker, we can create the border automatically around the object,by using ________ option from…
  22. The shortcut key of Edit Story is Crtl+E.
  23. To change the page number style, we have to click _______ button inthe _________ dialog box from the…
  24. To save all open publications, press Shift and choose File>Save all.
  25. The keyboard shortcut for Force Justify is ______ .
  26. We can change the value of default Autoleading in PageMaker.
  27. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  28. The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker
  29. The shortcut Key of Show Pasteboard is _________ in PageMaker.
  30. We can change the default colour of the page.