Welding drawings are a special type of this kind of drawing:

A. Symbol

B. Perspective

C. Assembly

D. Isometric

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  1. The top, front, and bottom views align in this manner:
  2. The Free Orbit tool is found on the ________ toolbar.
  3. The text used on a typical detail sheet should be ________.
  4. Isometric drawings are often used by ________ to help illustrate complex designs.
  5. This type of solid is egg-shaped and can be created by revolving an ellipse around one of its axes:
  6. The default position of the UCS icon is positioned at ________ on the AutoCAD grid.
  7. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
  8. Once the architect has finalized the house plans with the client any changes to the design requested…
  9. The ________ dimension tool will place the length of an angled line.
  10. The building construction industry relies on sets of ________ drawings to construct homes and commercial…
  11. The condition of a part when it contains the least amount of material is referred to as ________.
  12. This type of drawing is created to calculate areas, locate property lines, and locate building projects…
  13. This material is used in masonry construction, most commonly for ornamental facing:
  14. The edges of a cube in isometric projection make angles of this many degrees with each other:
  15. The first step in creating a traditional technical drawing is to ________.
  16. A circular arc is dimensioned in the view where you see its true shape by giving the value for its:
  17. In order to create one solid model from two or more separate solid shapes the drafter will need to position…
  18. These gears transmit power between shafts whose axes intersect at any angle:
  19. This type of projection is when projectors are parallel to each other, but is at an angle other than…
  20. One way to evenly space dimensions on a drawing is to use the ________.
  21. The site plan illustrates ________.
  22. This is a flat or rounded tab protruding from a surface, usually to provide a method for attachment:
  23. When filling an area with a hatch pattern in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to be able to ________.
  24. A partial auxiliary view is used to show only the ________ in the auxiliary view.
  25. In oblique sketches, the most commonly used angles for receding lines are:
  26. This is the measured size of a finished part:
  27. In order to convert fractional inches into decimal inches ________.
  28. In developing a multi-view drawing, the drafter can use a ________ line to help locate the top and right…
  29. This type of weld is the most common in structural steel fabrication:
  30. An advantage of this type of view is that each view shows the object all the way through as if it were…

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