What do you mean by 0-reliable level in multicast communication?

A. Multiple responses is expected from any receivers.

B. No response is expected from any receivers.

C. Multiple responses is expected from multiple receivers.

D. A multicast message is received by all the members of the group or none.

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  2. An unauthorized party inserts counterfeit objects into the system is called_________________
  3. Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?
  4. What is dispatch latency?
  5. Which of the following is/are external commands?
  6. The _________takes any characters from standard input, and then echoes them to standard output.
  7. ______________is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource simultaneously.
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  9. The Bankers algorithm is used
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  11. You can use print manage window
  12. To install the new font
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  16. In MS-DOS, the interfaces and levels of functionality are _______________
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  21. Which components appear in the initial Windows start up display?
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