What ia leukaemia?

A. proliferation of WBC

B. decrease of RBC

C. increase of platelets

D. decrease of WBC

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  1. The counting of RBC's can be performed by
  2. Modern classification of the living world recognise ___________ kingdoms.
  3. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  4. Antisnake venom is prepared by
  5. Dinosaur is a/an
  6. Which one of the ecosystems Is the largest in the world?
  7. Which one of the following acts as a communication system?
  8. Xerophthalmia is a deficiency disease. Deficiency of _________ causes it.
  9. The method of inducing artificial immunity was discovered by
  10. The mode of nutrition in which particulate food is devoured is
  11. The rate of growth of plants can be measured by a/an
  12. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  13. Blood plasma from which fibrinogen is removed is known as
  14. The aphotic zone means that light is
  15. Maize is attacked by
  16. Green plants synthesise carbohydrates by the
  17. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?
  18. Which of the following organelles is known as the 'power House' of the cell?
  19. Sadabahar, a common weed, is the raw material that provides the source of medicines used In the treatment…
  20. Which of these is most consistently observed in Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  21. Blood is
  22. Oxygen transportation in human body takes place through1) Blood2) Lungs3) TissueThe correct sequence…
  23. Which one of the following is not an essential micronutrient for plants?
  24. Timberline shows
  25. A plant cell is distinguishable from an animal cell by the presence of
  26. Wallace's line is a line
  27. When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomenon is called
  28. Which one of the endocrine glands disappears after puberty?
  29. Which of the following plays an important part in photosynthesis?
  30. The hypothesis that living matter originated in the past from non-living matter is supported by