What increases the resistance of wire at high frequencies?

A. Temperature

B. Voltage

C. Skin effect

D. Insulation

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  1. The ratio of the flux density to the electric field intensity in the dielectric is called
  2. The average value of a triangular or sawtooth wave is _____ times its peak value.
  3. At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a capacitor of 0.1 F?
  4. When capacitors are connected in parallela the total capacitance is
  5. The capacitor opposes any change in voltage across it by
  6. As applied to a series RLCcircuita bandwidth means
  7. In a rectangular wavea the peak factor is
  8. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the lowest-capacitance capacitor?
  9. An intermittent and non-symmetrical alternating current like that obtained from the secondary winding…
  10. The internal resistance of an ideal current source is
  11. What is the reading of an ohmmeter for a shorted capacitor?
  12. When the net reactance in a series coil-capacitor circuit is zero at frequency fa the nature of its…
  13. A linear circuit is one whose parameters
  14. Capacitance increase with
  15. A capacitance of 0.05 F equals
  16. When current and voltage arte in phase in an ac circuita the ___ is equal to zero.
  17. In adding or subtracting phasor quantitiesa ___ form is the most convenient.
  18. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a wire-wound resistor?
  19. Delta to wye or wye to delta transformation technique is applied to a ___ network.
  20. Electric energy refers to
  21. Which of the following is a preferred resistor value?
  22. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  23. What does a capacitor store?
  24. A neon glow lamp used as a night light ionizes at approximately
  25. The ratio between the reactive power and the apparent power of an ac load is called
  26. When two in-phase sine waves that have identical frequency and amplitude are added togethera then the…
  27. A capacitor consists of two
  28. What is expected when two 20 k a 1 watt resistor in parallel are use instead of one 10 k a 1 watt?
  29. Which of the following materials has the lowest dielectric strength?
  30. Form its definitiona the unit of electric fielda is the N/C and equivalent unit of is the