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  1. What is the maximum amount of RAM recognized by Windows 2000 Server?
  2. The server where active directory wers can be created create is
  3. TGT and TGS is related to
  4. Which of the following can be used to create partition
  5. In a domain we can create
  6. ERD can be created using
  7. Which of the following utility can be used to create a file share
  8. TGT and TGS is related to
  9. The command for starting installation of Win2000 server is
  10. The default hardware profile that is created when windows 2000 is installed in a machineWinprofileProfileDefproProfile1…
  11. roaming user Profile is stored on a computer's local hard disk.
  12. Which Recovery function is used to reconfigure a service that is preventing your computer from starting…
  13. If we want to run Nwadmin from DOS prompt what is the command we use?
  14. The Database File Name of Active Directory is:
  15. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  16. 10 base T network is implemented by co-axial cable
  17. To use netbios name resolution in TCP/IP environments, we use
  18. What is the minimum information that you need to connect a computer on a TCP/IP network to the Internet?…
  19. User passwords are case sensitive
  20. Is advance server is the most efficient version of Win2000 Server?
  21. Linux operating system consumes less space than Windows2000
  22. Which policy specifies the number of invalid attempts allowed before account is locked out?
  23. Can we delete a folder, which is shared?
  24. Clipper command can be used for data encryption
  25. What command is used to start the Windows 2000 Server installation?
  26. The Capture command is used to
  27. The command to create a Win2000 boot disk is
  28. Clipper command can be used for data encryption
  29. an we use local users and group utility to create user in a member server?
  30. The NTFS security is not applicable in case of network access