What is the name given to the large supercluster of galaxies discovered by Indian scientists?

A. Agni

B. Ganga

C. Saraswati

D. Yamuna

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  1. Who has been appointed as the next Chief Election Commissioner of India?
  2. The United States House of Representatives has passed an amendment to NDAA, 2018, a $621.5 billion defence…
  3. Recently Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launched CTSE scheme. In CTSE, 'E' stands for?
  4. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the which Act?
  5. While Delhi became the second state, which state is the first state to launch online RTI platform?
  6. Which state govt is planning "stray dog zoos" to keep them off the streets in the state?
  7. Union Minister of State Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy belongs to which…
  8. What is the capital of Serbia?
  9. India grants USD 500000 aid to which country to fight ISIS?
  10. Who released the book titled President Pranab Mukherjee - A Statesman?
  11. P V Sindhu who was bestowed with the 'Sportsperson of the Year' award during the 'Maruti Suzuki Sportsperson…
  12. With which state govt Ministry of Health signs MoU to set up a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence…
  13. During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with which country India signed 7 agreements on different…
  14. Asian Athletics Championship 2017 was held in which state?
  15. The Election Commission was established in accordance with the Constitution in which year?
  16. Fairfax Financial Holdings firm belongs to which country?
  17. Model United Nations (MUN) Regional Conference is being held at which city?
  18. In which year Fino Paytech was founded?
  19. Newly appointed NDRF chief Sanjay Kumar is DGP of which state?
  20. In which year NABARD came into existence?
  21. Pradeep Kumar Rawat presently a Joint Secretary in MEA, has been appointed as the next Ambassador of…
  22. Which city hosted the 9th edition of Delhi Dialogue?
  23. The last edition of Asian Athletics Championship was held in which year?
  24. In which country for the first time the State Bank of India has expanded the paperless banking system…
  25. Which date will be observed as 'Save public sector banks' day?
  26. Indian, America and which country will involve in the Malabar naval exercise 2017?
  27. Which country sends troops to open first overseas military base in Djibouti?
  28. Which country declares itself free from H5N1 and H5N8 bird flu?
  29. Which state government has signed an Expression of Intent (EOI) with IAAF, AFI to establish a High-Performance…
  30. In which country 5th Meeting of BRICS Education Ministers was held?