What is the reciprocal of quality factor?

A. Power factor

B. Reactive factor

C. Dissipation factor

D. 1/Q factor

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  1. The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as
  2. An open resistor when checked with an ohmmeter reads
  3. A linear circuit is one whose parameters
  4. What refers to such work at very low temperaturesa near absolute zero?
  5. The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as
  6. What can be used to estimate resonant frequency and to find reactance at any frequency for any value…
  7. What determines the magnitude of electric current?
  8. The value of temperature coefficient ( ) is dependent upon
  9. A term used to express the amount of electrical energy stored in electrostatic field.
  10. The capacitance of a capacitor is ___ relative permittivity.
  11. The unit of elastance is
  12. The arc across a switch when it open an RL circuit is a result of the
  13. What is the total capacitance of 10 capacitorsa each of 20 F in series?
  14. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  15. Which of the following represents the energy stored in a cap
  16. Which of the following is neither a basic physical law nor deliverable from one?
  17. The average value of a triangular or sawtooth wave is _____ times its peak value.
  18. How many degrees of phase represents one full cycle?
  19. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
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    A series RLCcircuit consists of a 10 resistor in series with L = 10 Ha and C= 100 F. Determine a new value of Ia for which the resonant frequency is one half the original value.
  21. What is a rotating vector whose projection can represent either current or voltage in an ac circuit?
  22. A gang capacitor is a variable capacitor in which capacitance is varied by changing the
  23. When two complex conjugates are subtracteda the result is a
  24. Which statement is true?
  25. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6…
  26. In an inductive coila the rate of rise of current is maximum
  27. A capacitor consists of two
  28. The superposition theorem is used when the circuit contains
  29. What is a closed path made of several branches of the network called?
  30. High resistance values are a consequence of the ___ of the film.