What is the value of Friday in the following - enum days { Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = -1, Thursday, Friday, Saturday = 6, Sunday}

A. 1

B. 5

C. 0

D. -3

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  1. Friend function have access to the
  2. The ?: can be used to replace
  3. By default, C++ uses the following method of passing arguments
  4. The value of 'this' pointer can be changed.
  5. The scope resolution operator is -
  6. When you overload an arithmetic assignment operator, the result
  7. The declaration int **var1; shows that
  8. A normal C++ operator that acts in a special way on newly defined data types is said to be
  9. Pick out the most appropriate statement
  10. The members of a class can be made private by
  11. Operator overloading is
  12. By default, members cannot be inherited.
  13. In a class, only the member function can access data, which is not accessible to outside. This feature…
  14. Overloaded functions
  15. Inline functions_____________ call overload.
  16. Which of the following is not a component of file system
  17. The member of a structure can be directly accessed by
  18. _______ argument(s) are passed in case of binary overloaded operators.
  19. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  20. The following syntax is valid. void inline gram_ panchayat :: show_gram_ panchayat_info().
  21. The library function exit() causes an exit from
  22. Static member functions have file scope.
  23. In a for loop with a multi-statement loop body, semicolons should appear following
  24. Which of the following relationship is known as inheritancerelationship?
  25. Protected data members can be accessed
  26. this' is an implicit pointer.
  27. A direct access file is:
  28. You can read input that consists of multiple lines of text using
  29. Pick out the most appropriate statement from the following
  30. Private members of a structure can be accessed directly from the outside of the structure.