What uses 64 Kbps of bandwidth?



C. DS1

D. DS0

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  1. A Class A address has _________ host bits.
  2. Which Frame Relay command is used to manually resolve addresses?
  3. There are _________ actions a router can take when there is a match on an ACL statement
  4. EIGRP will route for ___________.
  5. ________ topologies in NBMA environments do not have problems with split horizon.
  6. What command creates a DHCP address pool on a router?
  7. When examining the IP routing table, an EIGRP route will be shown as what letter?
  8. When you have configured PPP on an interface and use the show interfaces command, what state indicates…
  9. RIP has a hold-down period of ____________ seconds.
  10. _________ describe(s) users that can connect to a network from any location.
  11. is a Class __________ address.
  12. Which type of traffic is not flooded?
  13. Which 1900 command enables port security?
  14. You are given a Class C network with a subnet mask of How many host addresses are there…
  15. Choose the following that a standard IP ACL can match on.
  16. Frames sent above the __________ limit will have their _________ bit set.
  17. The ___________ converts an ISDN four-wire connection to a two-wire connection.
  18. Which metric components, by default, are used in IGRP? (Choose all the correct answers.)
  19. A ___________ is similar to a telephone circuit-switched connection.
  20. Your router is running RIP and OSPF and both routing protocols are learning Which routing…
  21. Which command takes you from Privilege EXEC mode to User EXEC mode?
  22. You are given a class C network and you have four LAN segments with the following numbers of devices:…
  23. VLSM allows a network segment to have more than one subnet mask.
  24. If the 2950's RPS is ________, the external power supply is supplying power.
  25. Which router command creates a standard named ACL called test?
  26. Which of the following is false concerning OSPF?
  27. Which command assigns a default gateway to the 2950 switch?
  28. Which of the following WAN categories does ISDN fall under?
  29. A routing protocol will use a _________ to determine which path is the best path.
  30. You have ISL trunks in your network and five VLANs configured. How many instances of STP are running?