What was the first computer to perform all calculation using electronics rather than wheels, ratchets, or mechanical switches?

A. Mark I


C. Z3

D. None of above

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  1. Which unit holds data temporarily?
  2. Which of the following is not a third generation computer?
  3. The subject of cybernetics deals with the science of
  4. Cursor is a
  5. Snowbol is an/a________
  6. Memory unit is one part of
  7. Which of the following is the coding of data so that is can't be easily understood if intercepted.
  8. ALU is
  9. The first microprocessor built by the Intel corporation was called
  10. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?
  11. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be-
  12. On which aspect the analog computers are better than digital?
  13. Which of the following is correct full form of BCD?
  14. A computer has very low failure rate because it uses electronic components. It produces very consistent…
  15. What is the name of the new color laptop computer which is powered by a 386 processor at 33 MHz and…
  16. A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is
  17. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in order to…
  18. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is
  19. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  20. Chief component of first generation computer was
  21. Number crunchier is the informal name for
  22. The BIOS is the abbreviation of ________.
  23. An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is________
  24. The symbols used in an assembly language are
  25. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
  26. Which device of computer operation dispenses with the use of the keyboard?
  27. Which of the following is machine independence program?
  28. Magnetic tape can serve as
  29. Identify the correct statement
  30. Seek time is