What was the Puraskar, the best performing Panchayats are conferred by Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj?

A. Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha

B. Rashtriya Uttam Gram Sabha

C. Rashtriya Attam Gram Sabha

D. None

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  1. Name the State Govt, which has to ban Polythene carry bags from 1st May?
  2. Name the operation, which has been launched Income Tax Department, recently?
  3. Name the place, in which NBA launches International Basketball Schools Net work opened?
  4. Name the formula one racer, who has been won the Chinese Grandprix 2017, Recently?
  5. Name the person, who has been became Instagram's Most followed World Leader?
  6. Name the person, who has been appointed as Gujarat's First Female DGP, recently?
  7. Name the person, who has been honoured with PC Chandra Puraskar 2017, recently?
  8. State the day, on which UN English Language day is Observed every year?
  9. Name the Indian Badminton Player, who has been reached career best second spot recently?
  10. Name the Minister, who has been launched Portal and Mobile App for RUSA?
  11. Name the person, who has been named the messenger of peace for the United Nations, recently?
  12. Name the tower, which has been World's 5th tallest building, opens in Seoul, recently?
  13. What is the India growth forecast for FY 2017-18 by IMF?
  14. Name the State Govt, which has been to give pension to Circus artistes, recently?
  15. Name the new district, which has been formed on 4th April 2017?
  16. Name the Indian Player, who has won the historic Asian Squash Singles Title?
  17. Name the Space Center, which has been launched the first recycled rocket, recently?
  18. Name the person, who been awarded death sentence by Pakistan Military Court, recently?
  19. Name the bomb, which was dropped by US on an Islamic state tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan?
  20. Name the Nepal President, who has been officially visited India, recently?
  21. State the day on which we has been celebrated World Book and Copyright Day, 2017?
  22. State the Day, on which we celebrate every year International Day For Monuments and Sites?
  23. Name the games, which will be featured in the 2022 Asian Games in China?
  24. Name the place of New Zealand, on which NASA launched a super pressure balloon recently?
  25. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated Civil Services Day function, recently?
  26. Name the Malaysian PM, who has been visited India recently?
  27. Name the app, which was for empowering citizens by real time information sharing on power supply?
  28. Name the place, in which Northeast India's Largest IT Hub opened, recently?
  29. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Germany, recently?
  30. State the rank of India, among 41 countries in corruption in business, recently?