What would be the output of the following program?
int x=40;
int x=20;

A. 40

B. 20

C. Compilation Error

D. Garbeg Value

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  2. Which escape character can be used to beep from speaker in C?
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  4. Nested macros are allowed.
  5. Right shifting an operand 1bit is equivalent to multiplying it by 2.
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  11. The default initial value of automatic storage class is 0.
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  13. && and & operators have the same meaning.
  14. char *s[10] defines an array of ------------------------
  15. The array 'char name[10] can consist of a maximum of 9 characters.
  16. The identifier argv[] is a pointer to an array of strings.
  17. The expression "b = 3 ^ 2;" will evaluate b = 9.
  18. The main() function can be called from any other function.
  19. Character data types cannot be declared as unsigned.
  20. The value of an enumerated datatype can be read using scanf() function.
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  22. Operation between an integer and float always yields a float result.
  23. A multidimensional array A[10][9] can store-------- number of elements
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  25. Which classes allow primitive types to be accessed as objects?
  26. All elements of a structure are allocated contiguous memory locations.
  27. struct stud{int roll;char name[20];float marks;} *p;What will be the byte size of p?
  28. A function to be called must be ended with a----------------
  29. The printf() function retunes which value when an error occurs?
  30. The output of the following code is: main() {int a = 5, b = 6; (a == b? printf("%d", a)); }