When a body is subjected to transverse vibrations, the stress induced in a body will be

A. Shear stress

B. Bending stress

C. Tensile stress

D. Compressive stress

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  1. Pitch point on a cam is
  2. The face of the tooth is the
  3. A rotary internal combustion engine has __________ cylinders.
  4. A kinematic chain requires at least
  5. The size of a gear is usually specified by
  6. When a body moves with simple harmonic motion, the product of its periodic time and frequency is equal…
  7. The two elements of a pair are said to form a higher pair, when they
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  9. The brake commonly used in railway trains is
  10. In S.H.M., acceleration is proportional to
  11. In under damped vibrating system, the amplitude of vibration
  12. A mechanism consisting of four links is called a __________ mechanism.
  13. The transmissibility, for all values of damping factor, will be less than unity, if ω/ωn is
  14. The frictional torque transmitted in a conical pivot bearing, considering uniform pressure, is (where…
  15. Hart mechanism has
  16. The swaying couple is due to the
  17. The cam and follower is an example of
  18. A Hartnell governor has its controlling force (Fc) given by Fc = ar + b, where r is the radius of rotation…
  19. Idler pulley is used
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  24. The contact ratio for gears is
  25. Minimum number of teeth for involute rack and pinion arrangement for pressure angle of 20° is
  26. In a Hartnell governor, the compression of the spring is __________ the lift of the sleeve.
  27. In a mechanism, the fixed instantaneous centres are those centres which
  28. Klein's construction can be used when
  29. Which of the following property of the instantaneous centre is correct?
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