When a body Is taken to the poles from the equator, Its weight becomes

A. greater

B. less

C. the same

D. None of these

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  1. The planet that spins Caster than any other planet is
  2. We always see only one side of the moon because
  3. The colour of the light which travels through glass with minimum speed is
  4. An electric charge is measured in
  5. The fact that two large ships travelling on close parallel courses in the same direction tend to move…
  6. The velocity of sound in air increases with
  7. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because
  8. The principle on which a Jet engine works is
  9. The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass because
  10. The maximum displacement of the particle in a mechanical wave motion is known as
  11. Increase in pressure
  12. Astigmatism, a structural defect of the eye, is due to
  13. Stars twinkle because of
  14. In hot climatic conditions, the buildings are painted white because
  15. In a hydraulic pressure
  16. Skating on ice is possible because
  17. A spherical mirror is
  18. A ruse wire is characterised by
  19. The inability of a body to change its state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line is called…
  20. Which part of the eye photographic camera?
  21. Acoustics is a property or
  22. Formation of shadows can be explained by
  23. A tube light works on the principle of
  24. A pressure gauge for fluids is called
  25. The direction of heat flow between two objects depends on
  26. The speed of sound in a medium depends upon the properties of the medium such as
  27. A device used in a ship for the purpose of measuring the depth of the sea is
  28. The power of a lens is
  29. When we tighten the string of a sitar or tanpura its pitch
  30. When temperature decreases, resistance of metals to flow of electricity