When a language has the capacity to produce new data type, it is said to be

A. Reprehensible

B. Encapsulated

C. Overload

D. Extensible

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  1. The && and || operators
  2. Delete operator is used
  3. "[]" Operator is a unary operator.
  4. A function that is called automatically when an object is destroyed is known as
  5. Static data member can be declared as const too.
  6. The following syntax is valid. void inline gram_ panchayat :: show_gram_ panchayat_info().
  7. Overloaded functions
  8. A normal C++ operator that acts in a special way on newly defined data types is said to be
  9. When a language has the capacity to produce new data type, it is said to be
  10. By using protected, one can create class members that are private to their class but
  11. The declaration int **var1; shows that
  12. Which of the following are good reasons to use an object oriented language?
  13. Which of the following relationship is known as inheritancerelationship?
  14. The break statement causes an exit
  15. An object is an allocated space in memory.
  16. Static data member occurs in only class scope.
  17. Dynamic memory can be allocated by the following declaration
  18. Which of the following is not a component of file system
  19. main() returns a value of type
  20. Reference to an object behaves like a constant pointer.
  21. Private data members can be accessed
  22. The ?: can be used to replace
  23. The library function exit() causes an exit from
  24. A variable defined within a block is visible
  25. The member of a structure can be directly accessed by
  26. Public data members can be accessed
  27. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  28. What is the output of the following program segment - for(i = 1, j = 0; i < 10; i++) j += i; cout…
  29. It is possible to allow non member function access to private members of a class by declaring it as
  30. A class that contains at least one pure virtual function is called as