When a language has the capacity to produce new data type, it is said to be

A. Reprehensible

B. Encapsulated

C. Overload

D. Extensible

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  1. Private data members can be accessed
  2. The scope resolution operator is -
  3. Constructor returns void type value.
  4. An object is an allocated space in memory.
  5. When accessing a structure member, the identifier to the left of the dot operator is the name of
  6. In a class, only the member function can access data, which is not accessible to outside. This feature…
  7. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  8. One of the important features of an abstract class is
  9. Which of the following is not a component of file system
  10. The characteristic that data can be manipulated only through member functions that are part of the class…
  11. Protected data members can be accessed
  12. Sharing of common information are achieved by the concept of
  13. Pick out the most appropriate statement
  14. What is the value of Friday in the following - enum days { Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = -1, Thursday,…
  15. Friend function have access to the
  16. The library function exit() causes an exit from
  17. In C++, the keyword auto can be used for
  18. Overloaded functions
  19. Static data member can be declared as const too.
  20. Which of the following are good reasons to use an object oriented language?
  21. Static data member occurs in only class scope.
  22. Protected members cannot be inherited.
  23. By default, members cannot be inherited.
  24. Which of the following is true about const member functions?
  25. What is the output of the following program segment - for(i = 1, j = 0; i < 10; i++) j += i; cout…
  26. Delete operator is used
  27. A member function can always access the data
  28. Static member functions have file scope.
  29. If a friend function is declared inside a class it can access all data members of the class.
  30. Operator overloading is