When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed

A. heliotropism

B. geotropism

C. haptotropism

D. gardening

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  1. The natural defence of our body against foreign germs is formed by
  2. pH of blood remains constant due to
  3. Which among, the following is a solid lubricant?
  4. Pulse rate is measured in the wrist by observing the jerks of blood In the
  5. The 'germ theory of disease' was propounded by
  6. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  7. Turner's syndrome is a disease caused by
  8. The cavities of the brain are filled with
  9. Nephantis is popularly called
  10. The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale is
  11. Who was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665?
  12. The oldest era is
  13. 1 gm of carbohydrate gives energy which is about
  14. Deciduous forests are those with trees
  15. Whooping cough is caused by
  16. Lecuminous plants are recommended for rotation of crops because they
  17. Malaria is transmitted from one person to another by
  18. Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characters was challenged by
  19. Which among the following animals has the largest Intestine?
  20. Carbohydrates are mainly needed for
  21. Measles and influenza are caused by
  22. The influenza vaccine was discovered by
  23. The study of heart is called
  24. Nekton are those organisms
  25. Eosinophil™s are stained by
  26. The country where commercial production of cultured pearls is undertaken on large scale is
  27. Green plants In the sea are useful for respiration of flash because they
  28. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?
  29. The deficiency of Vitamin A which leads to poor vision during night is termed
  30. The primary energy for living organisms is