When a peripheral device needs immediate attention from the operating system, it generates a(n)

A. Page file

B. Spool

C. Stack

D. Interrupt

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  1. The Bankers algorithm is used
  2. The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) resides in
  3. One of the wonderful things about UNIX is its ___________names.
  4. You can move a window to a different position on your screen by dragging it by its
  5. A sequence of instructions telling the computer what to do is called a_____________
  6. A process control block contains varies attributes required by _____________ to control a process.
  7. In___________, the requesting device or devices assert the signal bus_request.
  8. A _______________in a distributed system is a string of bits or characters that is used to refer to…
  9. _______refers to the block size of the DSM system, i.e. to the units of sharing and the unit of data…
  10. An orphan process is automatically inherited by the _____and becomes a _______ of this process.
  11. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  12. Most accurate global time is based on oscillations of the ______________
  13. The controller can access memory in memory cycles which are not used by the particular bank of memory…
  14. In MS-DOS, the interfaces and levels of functionality are _______________
  15. __________ deals with when a modified page should be written out to secondary memory.
  16. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------
  17. When a child dies, it sends a _______________signal to its parent.
  18. The primary purpose of an operating system is a …
  19. PVM stands for
  20. _____________typically contains temporary data such as subroutine parameter, return address, and temporary…
  21. Whenever you move a directory from one location to another
  22. IPC stands for _________
  23. The name services of DCE include ________
  24. ______________approach simplifies debugging and system verification.
  25. A bar that inform you the available options in your computer, opened applications, background running…
  26. Wiretapping to capture data in a network is an example of ________________
  27. Taskbar is used for
  28. What is Dr. Watson?
  29. A page fault occurs when
  30. An unauthorized party inserts counterfeit objects into the system is called_________________