When a system changes its state from one equilibrium state to another equilibrium state, then the path of successive states through which the system has passed, is known as

A. Thermodynamic law

B. Thermodynamic process

C. Thermodynamic cycle

D. None of these

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  1. A thin cylindrical shell of diameter (D) and thickness (t) is subjected to an internal pressure (p).…
  2. The ratio of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) and specific heat at constant volume (cv) is always…
  3. For a perfect gas, according to Boyle's law (where p = Absolute pressure, v = Volume, and T = Absolute…
  4. The work ratio of simple gas turbine cycle depends upon
  5. The sum of internal energy (U) and the product of pressure and volume (p.v) is known as
  6. A key is subjected to side pressure as well at shearing forces. These pressures are called
  7. Kelvin-Planck's law deals with
  8. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, when the load W is applied in the centre of the beam, the…
  9. During which of the following process does heat rejection takes place in Carnot cycle?
  10. The polytropic index (n) is given by
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  13. The lower layer of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be
  14. The efficiency of Stirling cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  15. True stress strain-curve for materials is plotted between
  16. For the same maximum pressure and temperature,
  17. For same compression ratio and for same heat added
  18. The absolute zero temperature is taken as
  19. The strain energy stored in a body due to suddenly applied load compared to when it is applied gradually…
  20. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water through one Kelvin is called
  21. A close cycle gas turbine gives __________ efficiency as compared to an open cycle gas turbine.
  22. When a gas is heated, change takes place in
  23. A cantilever beam is one which is
  24. In the tensile test, the phenomenon of slow extension of the material, i. e. stress increasing with…
  25. The __________ states that change of internal energy of a perfect gas is directly proportional to the…
  26. The distillation carried out in such a way that the liquid with the lowest boiling point is first evaporated…
  27. The deformation of a bar under its own weight compared to the deformation of same body subjected to…
  28. The gas turbine cycle with regenerator improves
  29. The bending stress in a beam is _________ section modulus.
  30. When it is indicated that a member is elastic, it means that when force is applied, it will