When a system is in equilibrium for all possible processes, the differential or finite change of entropy is

A. < 0

B. > 0

C. = 0

D. None of these

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  1. For multi-component multiple phases to be in equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature, the __________…
  2. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to
  3. Joule-Thomson co-efficient which is defined as, η = (∂T/∂P)H = 1/Cp (∂H/∂T)P,…
  4. What is the degree of freedom for a system comprising liquid water equilibrium with its vapour?
  5. The difference between isothermal compressibility and adiabatic compressibility for an ideal gas is
  6. In a homogeneous solution, the activity coefficient of a component depends upon the
  7. For an ideal gas, the chemical potential is given by
  8. A two stage compressor is used to compress an ideal gas. The gas is cooled to the initial temperature…
  9. While dissolving a gas into a liquid at a constant temperature, the ratio of the concentration of the…
  10. When a system is in equilibrium for all possible processes, the differential or finite change of entropy…
  11. Partial molar free energy of an element A in solution is same as its
  12. Reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its
  13. Refrigeration capacity of a household refrigerator may be round about __________ tons.
  14. Gibbs free energy per mole for a pure substance is equal to the
  15. The value of Cp & Cv respectively for monatomic gases in Kcal/kg Mole.°K are
  16. Pick out the correct statement.
  17. For equilibrium process (i.e. reversible) in an isolated system
  18. The expression, ΔG = nRT. ln(P2/P1), gives the free energy change
  19. Sublimation temperature of dry ice (solid CO2) is __________ °C.
  20. Free energy change of mixing two liquid substances is a function of the
  21. A solute distributes itself between two nonmiscible solvents in contact with each other in such a way…
  22. Trouton's ratio is given by (where λb, = molal heat of vaporisation of a substance at its normal…
  23. Which of the following has the minimum value of COP for a given refrigeration effect?
  24. Out of the following refrigeration cycles, which one has maximum COP?
  25. Enthalpy of a gas depends upon its
  26. Melting of ice exemplifies a/an
  27. Pick out the correct statement.
  28. Gibbs free energy of mixing at constant pressure and temperature is always
  29. Compressibility factor of a gas is
  30. Dryness fraction of wet steam is defined as the ratio of mass of vapour in the mixture to the mass of…