When coal is strongly heated continuously for 42 to 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel, the process is known as __________ of fuel.

A. Atomisation

B. Carbonisation

C. Combustion

D. None of these

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  1. A masonry dam may fail due to
  2. One molecule of oxygen is __________ times heavier than the hydrogen atom.
  3. The process is adiabatic, if the value of n in the equation pvn = C, is
  4. Modular ratio of two materials is the ratio of
  5. The most probable velocity of the gas molecules is given by
  6. A thin mild steel wire is loaded by adding loads in equal increments till it breaks. The extensions…
  7. The shear force at the centre of a simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at…
  8. In closed cycle gas turbine, the air is compressed
  9. The buckling load for a given column depends upon
  10. When two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with a third body, they are also in thermal equilibrium with…
  11. According to Euler's column theory, the crippling load for a column of length (l) with one end fixed…
  12. One reversible heat engine operates between 1600 K and T2 K and another reversible heat engine operates…
  13. The torque transmitted by a solid shaft of diameter (D) is (where τ = Maximum allowable shear stress)
  14. A continuous beam is one which is
  15. The absolute zero pressure can be attained at a temperature of
  16. The ratio of the largest load in a test to the original cross-sectional area of the test piece is called
  17. A mixture of gas expands from 0.03 m3 to 0.06 m3 at a constant pressure of 1 MPa and absorbs 84 kJ of…
  18. During which of the following process does heat rejection takes place in Carnot cycle?
  19. Two shafts 'A' and 'B' transmit the same power. The speed of shaft 'A' is 250 r.p.m. and that of shaft…
  20. The specific heat at constant volume is
  21. Carnot cycle consists of
  22. A coil is cut into two halves, the stiffness of cut coil will be
  23. Tensile strength of a material is obtained by dividing the maximum load during the test by the
  24. The specific heat of water is
  25. For a simply supported beam of length l, when a concentrated load W is applied in the centre of the…
  26. The radius of the Mohrs circle in the given figure is equal to
  27. A vertical column has two moments of inertia (i.e. Ixx and Iyy ). The column will tend to buckle in…
  28. An adiabatic process is one in which
  29. In an irreversible process, there is a
  30. If the depth is kept constant for a beam of uniform strength, then its width will vary in proportional…