When copying more than one file at a time, you must specify an existing directory as the ___________

A. Source

B. Sub directory

C. Destination.

D. Path name

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  1. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  2. Which buffering strategy is used for implementing synchronous communication?
  3. You can move a window to a different position on your screen by dragging it by its
  4. _________, as a feature of good distributed file system, clients should be able to continue working…
  5. The usual su command syntax is
  6. The date and time displays on
  7. _______________occurs when two or more execution flows are able to run simultaneously.
  8. A bar that inform you the available options in your computer, opened applications, background running…
  9. Taskbar is used for
  10. Load balancing algorithms in ______________ class use the processor and process characteristics to allocate…
  11. The ___ contains commands associated with the My Computer window
  12. ___________variable is not automatically created on all UNIX systems but is used by so many programs…
  13. When you start up the computer the boot up storage at which the BIOS versions manufacturer and data…
  14. Which of the following is not essential to shut down your computer?
  15. Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?
  16. IPC stands for _________
  17. Most accurate global time is based on oscillations of the ______________
  18. Which one of the following statements is true?
  19. In case of modification an unauthorized party not only gains access to but tampers with an asset. This…
  20. A process is _________________
  21. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------
  22. The operating system is the most common type of ___ Software
  23. The maximum size of a write file is limited to only
  24. A page fault occurs when
  25. Which of the following is suitable after you install new drivers?
  26. Which of the following is drop down list?
  27. BSD stands for_____________________
  28. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test (POST)?
  29. The essential difference between an operating system like Linux and one like Windows is that
  30. ______________ selects a process from among the ready processes to execute on the CPU.