When dimensioning piping drawings, you give the lengths of all runs of this type:

A. Straight

B. Angular

C. Filleted

D. Transverse

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  1. These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
  2. These maps are used in planning installations of trees, shrubbery, drives, and other garden features:
  3. These plans, made by the steel fabricator, are assembly drawings for the steel structure:
  4. There are two main types of projection:
  5. Drafters should use a ________ in a section view of a mechanical part that includes the cylindrical…
  6. The offset distance for the width (front to back) distance of the auxiliary view is the same distance…
  7. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  8. This should show what changes were made, when, and by whom:
  9. The maximum and minimum sizes of a feature are identified by a ________ tolerance.
  10. Some of the standard Auto-CAD text styles used in architectural drawings includes ________.
  11. This is used in drawings to represent the edge of a solid object:
  12. This is the theoretically exact size from which limits of size are determined:
  13. In architectural drawing ________ are often used to illustrate and detail structural components.
  14. When only a small section of an interior area needs to be revealed the drafter can use a ________ section.
  15. Once the architect has finalized the house plans with the client any changes to the design requested…
  16. This type of projection is when projectors are parallel to each other, but is at an angle other than…
  17. An accurate record of changes made to release drawings is tracked via this:
  18. This is a flat or rounded tab protruding from a surface, usually to provide a method for attachment:
  19. An architect often relies on a ________ to complete the set of technical drawings used in the design…
  20. If a plane is parallel to the plane of projection, it appears:
  21. 3.When lines intersect on a drawing at angles of this many degrees, it is customary not to dimension…
  22. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:
  23. The thread note for a typical bolt will include the ________.
  24. When creating your own blocks it is important to avoid drawing any portion of the block in the ________…
  25. Oblique sections are useful to show this:
  26. This allows the performance of structures to be analyzed and tested efficiently, accurately, and quickly:
  27. When the drafter types the word BLOCK or selects the Make Block tool from the Draw tool bar the ________…
  28. The Press-Pull tool will ________ the face of a solid model in the direction it faces.
  29. The ________ dimension tool will place the length of an angled line.
  30. An advantage of this type of view is that each view shows the object all the way through as if it were…