When does the heart start functioning?

A. At birth

B. After birth

C. Before birth

D. After a week from birth

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  1. Aphids are
  2. What is 'atavism'?
  3. The rate of heartbeat is accelerated by the hormone
  4. The principal reason why it is better to have two eyes than one is that
  5. The 'germ theory of disease' was propounded by
  6. Necrosis is a symptom which is recognised by
  7. Insulin is produced in the human body by the
  8. The first sign of life made its appearance on the earth about
  9. Plantain is
  10. The closing and opening of the leaves of Mimosa pudica (Touch me not) plant is due to _______ movement.
  11. Lymphocytes are manufactured by
  12. Which of these is most consistently observed in Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  13. The small pox vaccine was discovered by
  14. Damage to hearing is caused by sounds which exceed
  15. The amount of blood in a normal man is about
  16. The animal without urinary bladder is
  17. A child goes on vomiting profusely and develops symptoms of diarrhoea. Chances are that in the child's…
  18. Development without fertilization is called
  19. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  20. Blood of cockroach is
  21. The spider spins its web from a liquid secreting from its
  22. The organ that produces antibodies in our body is
  23. Whooping cough is caused by
  24. The grey matter of the brain is so coloured because of the concentration of
  25. Which among the following may carry rabies?
  26. Plants grown in darkness show
  27. The diseases that are caused by lack of vitamins are called
  28. Egg laying animals are referred to as
  29. Modern classification of the living world recognise ___________ kingdoms.
  30. The rate of growth of plants can be measured by a/an