When Double-sided is selected, side margins are labeled Inside and Outside. Otherwise, side margins become left and Right.

A. True

B. False

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  1. The Shortcut key of Show/Hide Guide is _________ in PageMaker.
  2. Bullets and Numbering is not Plug-inns
  3. TOC stand for
  4. We can draw maximum ____________ sided Polygon with the help of Polygon Tool in PageMaker
  5. We can import text file directly from Story Editor in PageaMaker
  6. Alt+Ctrl+P shortcut key is related to Page Numbering.
  7. Shortcut key to activate Text tool is Alt + Shift + F1.
  8. We can change the value of default Autoleading in PageMaker.
  9. We can create Gradient color in PageMaker
  10. The shortcut key of Place command is
  11. Paragraph Specification dialog box provides _____types of Alignment.
  12. We cannot add new color in Color Palette in PageMaker.
  13. Keyline is a Plug-ins
  14. The shortcut Key of Show Pasteboard is _________ in PageMaker.
  15. Choose View > Show Master Pages to display the Master Pages palette.
  16. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  17. The Retain Format option imports any character and paragraph formatting and the style sheet, if there…
  18. Fill and Stroke is related to Edit Menu.
  19. We get Mask option from Type Menu
  20. We can change the default colour of the page.
  21. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  22. The shortcut key to activate Text Tool is Alt+Shift+F1
  23. We can change the margin of an existing file, from _______ dialog box.
  24. The shortcut key of Edit Story is Crtl+E.
  25. We get Facing Pages option active when ____________ option is on.
  26. We can create multiple Master Page for a publication.
  27. OLE is possible in PageMaker.
  28. There are ________ type of Leading Method in PageMaker.
  29. The shortcut key to select the arrow pointer tool is ____.
  30. Short cut key of Style palette is ________ .