When the circulation of water, in a boiler, is by convection currents which are set up during the heating of water, then the boiler is known as

A. Internally fired boiler

B. Externally fired boiler

C. Natural circulation boiler

D. Forced circulation boiler

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  1. Degree of reaction is defined as the ratio of
  2. The chimney draught varies with
  3. Steam engine operates on
  4. Cut-off ratio is the ratio of
  5. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a Woolf type compound engine are regarded as having…
  6. The maximum discharge through a chimney occurs when the height of chimney is
  7. In a reaction turbine
  8. Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.
  9. In order to reduce the rotor speed of an impulse turbine, the method employed is
  10. The pressure of steam __________ while flowing through a nozzle.
  11. The dry saturated steam at very high pressure (150200 kg/cm²) when throttled to atmosphere will…
  12. A packaged boiler is one in which various parts like firing equipment, fans, feed pumps and automatic…
  13. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  14. Maximum energy loss in a boiler occurs due to
  15. The efficiency of steam turbines may be improved by
  16. The ratio of brake power to the indicated power is known as
  17. The efficiency of a boiler is defined as
  18. Willians line for the steam engine is a straight line relationship between the steam consumption per…
  19. The maximum efficiency of a reaction turbine is
  20. In a throttling process
  21. Cut-off governing as compared to throttle governing is
  22. Fusible plug for boilers is made of fusible metal containing tin, lead, and
  23. The diameter of fire tubes in Cochran boiler is of the order of
  24. The height of chimney in a power plant is governed by
  25. In order to compare the capacity of boilers, the feed water temperature and working pressure are taken…
  26. In turbines, the fluid undergoes a continuous steady flow process and the speed of flow is
  27. The theoretical indicator diagram of a simple steam engine is based upon the assumption that
  28. A double acting steam engine with a cylinder diameter of 190 mm and a stroke of 300 mm has a cut-off…
  29. The coal requirement per kW hour generation in the thermal power plant is of the order of
  30. Which of the following statement is correct?