When the eggs are released from the ovary of frogs they are at the

A. primary oocyte stage

B. secondary oocyte stage

C. ootid stage

D. matured ova stage

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  1. In frog, gastrulation is completed by
  2. Embryo sac in a hen's egg is formed by
  3. The intestine of tadpole is
  4. The substance fertilizin is secreted by
  5. Oral contraceptives check
  6. The process of synthesis of yolk by the oocyte is termed
  7. Sexual reproduction in larval condition is known as
  8. Antifertilizin is secreted by
  9. Metamorphosis is a characteristic feature of
  10. Laternal line system of sense organs present in the skin of tadpole larva
  11. The expulsion of completely developed foetus from the uterus is known as
  12. Human beings are
  13. Which of the following do not show parental care over their young ones ?
  14. For fertilization of the frog's egg
  15. The first phase in the sexual reproduction of organisms is
  16. During fertilization the spermatozoa penetrate through the egg membranes with the help of
  17. In order to become structurally and functionally a spermatozoan, each spermatid has to undergo a process…
  18. Oogonia entering the growth phase of oogenesis is called
  19. Blastopore in frogs development occurs in
  20. A freshly unfertilised egg of hen contains
  21. The cellular movements during gastrula-tion are called
  22. When the eggs are released from the ovary of frogs they are at the
  23. Spermatoliosis is a process by which
  24. In forg, the sperms released from the testis take the following route to reach the ureter:
  25. During metamorphosis, the disappearance of larval organs is called
  26. The allantoic vesicle arises from
  27. If an unfertilized frog's egg is pricked with a micro-needle, it will
  28. Which of the following develops from ectoderm ?
  29. Human egg is
  30. In frog's egg the divisoin is