When the fulcrum is in between the load and effort, the lever is said to be of

A. First type

B. Second type

C. Third type

D. Any one of these

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  1. In block brakes, the ratio of shoe width to wheel diameter is taken between
  2. Which is correct statement? Stress concentration in static loading is
  3. Which of the following coupling is used to connect two shafts which have both lateral and angular misalignment?
  4. The maximum efficiency of a square threaded screw is
  5. In leaf springs, the longest leaf is known as
  6. According to Indian standards, total numbers of fundamental deviations are
  7. For tight leakage joints, following type of thread is best suited
  8. A sliding bearing in which although lubricant is present, the working surfaces __________ contact each…
  9. Soderberg relation is based on __________ of the material whereas all other failure relation for dynamic…
  10. The rolling contact bearings as compared to sliding contact bearings have
  11. The centrifugal tension in belts
  12. In radial bearings, the load acts __________ to the axis of rotation.
  13. The application of third type levers is found in
  14. The fatigue life of a part can be improved by
  15. A transmission shaft includes
  16. In worm, gears, pitch lead angle is
  17. For a shaft diameter of 200 mm, the number of bolts in a marine flange coupling should be
  18. In helical gears, the distance parallel to the axis, between similar faces of adjacent teeth, is called
  19. The included angle in unified of American National threads is
  20. In a boundary lubricated bearing, there is a __________ of lubricant between the journal and the bearing.
  21. The helix angle for double helical gears may be made up to
  22. Belt slip may occur due to
  23. During hot working of metals,
  24. The property of a material which enables it to be drawn into wires with the application of a tensile…
  25. A triple riveted butt joint with double straps of unequal width is to be designed for a boiler shell.…
  26. Auto frettage is the method of
  27. The property of a bearing material which has the ability to accomodate shaft deflections and bearing…
  28. If d is the normal diameter of a bolt in mm, then the initial tension in kg in a bolt used for making…
  29. A locking device in which the bottom cylindrical portion is recessed to receive the tip of the locking…
  30. For a bevel gear having the pitch angle θ, the ratio of formative number of teeth (TE) to actual…