When the speed of the engine fluctuates continuously above and below the mean speed, the governor is said to be

A. Stable

B. Unstable

C. Isochronous

D. Hunt

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  1. In a gear having involute teeth, the normal to the involute is a tangent to the
  2. The unbalanced force due to revolving masses
  3. A machine mounted on a single coil spring has a period of free vibration of tp . If the spring is cut…
  4. The natural frequency of free torsional vibrations of a shaft is equal to (where q = Torsional stiffness…
  5. The total number of instantaneous centres for a mechanism consisting of n links are
  6. The component of the acceleration, parallel to the velocity of the particle, at the given instant is…
  7. An involute pinion and gear are in mesh. If both have the same size of addendum, then there will be…
  8. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating parts of an engine is necessary when it runs at
  9. The tractive force is maximum or minimum when the angle of inclination of crank with the line of stroke…
  10. The centre of percussion is below the centre of gravity of the body and is at a distance equal to
  11. The height of a Watt's governor (in metres) is equal to (where N = Speed of the arm and ball about the…
  12. The magnitude of linear velocity of a point B on a link AB relative to point A is (Where ω = Angular…
  13. The natural frequency of free transverse vibrations due to a point load acting over a simply supported…
  14. A rotary internal combustion engine has __________ cylinders.
  15. The radial distance from the top of a tooth to the bottom of a tooth in a meshing gear, is called
  16. The centrifugal tension in belts
  17. The centre of gravity of a coupler link in a four bar mechanism will experience
  18. The two parallel and coplanar shafts are connected by gears having teeth parallel to the axis of the…
  19. The velocity of the reciprocating roller follower when it has contact with the straight flanks of the…
  20. In a reciprocating steam engine, which of the following forms a kinematic link?
  21. In a four stroke I.C. engine, the turning moment during the compression stroke is
  22. Higher pairs are those which have
  23. The C.G. of a link in any mechanism would experience
  24. Angle of ascent of cam is defined as the angle
  25. The flank of the tooth is the surface of the tooth __________ the pitch surface.
  26. A rotor supported at A and B carries two masses as shown in the below figure. The rotor is
  27. In the below figure, PC is the connecting rod and OC is the crank making an angle θ with the line…
  28. Klein's construction gives a graphic construction for
  29. A spring controlled governor is found unstable. It can be made stable by
  30. Cam angle is defined as the angle