When water is cooled from 4C to 2C its density

A. increases

B. decreases

C. remains the same

D. first increases then decreases

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  1. The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass because
  2. The motion .of the pendulum of a wall clock is an example of
  3. The earth's nearest neighbour in space is
  4. The minimum velocity required by a satellite to escape earth's gravitational pull is
  5. Water kept in an earthen pot is less cool on rainy days than in summer because during the rainy days
  6. An ohm is a unit of
  7. The difference between planets and stars is
  8. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  9. Alternating Current (AC) is more advantageous than direct current because
  10. Gamma radiations are used for
  11. Light from the sun reaches the earth in
  12. When sound waves travel from one medium to another, the quantity which remains unchanged is its
  13. At what temperature do the Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales give the same reading?
  14. The speed of light is minimum while passing through
  15. A cup of hot coffee is placed on a metal table in a room. By which of the following methods does it…
  16. A radio set that uses valves does not start operating immediately when it is switched on whereas a set…
  17. Galaxies emit
  18. In an electrical circuit, a fuse is connected
  19. A sensitive instrument susceptible to magnetic infiuence can be protected from external magnetic field…
  20. A heavenly body similar in nature to the sun intensely hot glowing mass that produces its energy by…
  21. When a steel ball is placed on the surface of mercury, it does not sink because
  22. A car parked in the sun with its windows closed gets terribly hot inside. This is due to
  23. The air inside an electric, bulb is removed to prevent
  24. Photoelectric cell is a device which converts
  25. The unit of power in SI is
  26. When are temperature resistance
  27. The hygrometer is an apparatus used for finding the
  28. While crossing a suspension bridge, the soldiers are ordered to break steps because
  29. Cyclotron is an apparatus used
  30. Sound waves In 'air travel faster if