Whether any core is required in wire ropes

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

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  1. A localised compressive stress at the area of contact between two members is known as
  2. The ball bearings are provided with a cage
  3. The velocity factor for precision metallic gears cut with high accuracy and operating at velocities…
  4. The draw of cotter should not be more than
  5. The size of a cam depends upon
  6. If T is the actual number of teeth on a helical gear and φ is the helix angle for the teeth, then…
  7. The flank of the tooth is the
  8. When two nonintersecting and non-coplanar shafts are connected by gears, the arrangement is known as
  9. If P1 and P2 are the tight and slack side tensions in the belt, then the initial tension Pi (according…
  10. When a nut is tightened by placing a washer below it, the bolt will be subjected to following type of…
  11. A key made from a cylindrical disc having segmental cross-section, is known as
  12. The included angle between the sides of V-belt is
  13. Rankine's theory of failure is applicable for following type of materials
  14. Fibrous fracture occurs in
  15. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  16. An Involute pinion and gear are in mesh. If both have the same size of addendum, then there will be…
  17. Maximum principal stress theory is applicable for
  18. The condition for maximum power transmission is that the maximum tension in the flat belt should be…
  19. For a shoe brake, the equivalent coefficient of friction is equal to (where μ = Actual coefficient…
  20. A key capable of tilting in a recess milled out in a shaft is known as
  21. A taper key which fits half in the key way of the hub and half in the key way of shaft, is known as
  22. The maximum shear stress theory is used for
  23. For circumferential joint in boilers, the type of joint used is
  24. The pitch of threads on a Jock nut in comparison to pitch of nut is
  25. Silver based solder is used for
  26. The objective of crowning of the flat pulleys of belt drive is to
  27. If the size of a standard specimen for a fatigue testing machine is increased, the endurance limit for…
  28. The temperature required for full annealing in hypereutectoid steel is
  29. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  30. When a hole of diameter d is punched in a metal of thickness 't', then the force required to punch a…