Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

A. Status bar

B. Tool bar

C. Menu bar

D. Title bar

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  1. Gutter position can be set in following positions
  2. A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after certain interval is available on
  3. What is the shortcut key to display field codes?
  4. _____ formatting is the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols…
  5. Which of the following option is not available in Insert >> Picture?
  6. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?
  7. Which language does MS-Word use to create Macros?
  8. Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?
  9. Which of the following is not the part of standard office suite?
  10. A table ....
  11. From where you can access Save command?
  12. The other Col# are inactive when youve select 3 columns. How will you activate those boxes?
  13. How much space in minimum must be provided between columns?
  14. To autofit the width of column
  15. You can replace the text ...
  16. What is gutter margin ?
  17. The Word Count command on the Tools menu displays the number of words as well as the number of _____…
  18. What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options?
  19. If you need to double underline a word, how will you do that?
  20. What is the maximum scale percentage available in Scale drop down box?
  21. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  22. A _____ is a collection of predefined design elements and color schemes.
  23. In MS Word, Ctrl + W is used for
  24. Columns dialog box can be opened from
  25. Typeface option will come under which menu ?
  26. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters…
  27. If you want to convert a symbol or several lines of text into an AutoCorrect entry, you should:
  28. Columns dialog box can be opened from...
  29. To open Columns dialog box quickly..
  30. Changing the appearance of a document is called