Which command is used to change a FAT32 partition to NTFS without losing any data?

A. Disk administrator

B. Disk Manager

C. NTFS convert

D. Convert

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  1. What is the command to upgrade a Windows 2000 Server to domain controller?
  2. 10 base T network is implemented by co-axial cable
  3. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  4. Is advance server is the most efficient version of Win2000 Server?
  5. Can we put computer management utility in desktop?
  6. In a domain we can create
  7. An Administrator account is created when you install the Windows 2000 Server.
  8. Can we use local user and group utility in a domain controller to create local user in it?
  9. What can be used in the place of DNS to resolve host names to IP addresses?
  10. DCPromo is Run to
  11. Mirroring represents which RAID level?
  12. A user name cannot contain : or = character.
  13. How many Dfs links are supported by a single Dfs root in domain based Dfs root?
  14. Can we use 'net use' command to share a file?
  15. Bootsect.dos file is activated by NTLDR, when we don't choose Win 2000 from the boot option in a dual…
  16. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  17. Profile information is stored in NTprofile.Dat file.
  18. The command to create a Win2000 boot disk is
  19. The universal groups can contain
  20. The command to convert a FAT partition into NTFS is
  21. Linux operating system consumes less space than Windows2000
  22. When we delete a file it is sent to the directory called
  23. Which properties tab is used in a member server for local user to configure logon hours?
  24. Profile information is stored in NTprofile.Dat file.
  25. What will happen if you copy a file from one folder to another with in the same ntfs partition ?
  26. If you move a file from one folder to another folder between different NTFS volumes, the file will retain…
  27. What command is used to start the Windows 2000 Server installation?
  28. TGT and TGS is related to
  29. Backup operator group is found in
  30. A roaming user Profile is stored on a computer's local hard disk.