Which computers used operating systems by Microsoft?


B. Apple/Macintosh PCs

C. IBM Compatibles

D. Both A & C

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  1. ________ is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the requested data
  2. Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?
  3. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it?
  4. Artificial Intelligence is associated with which generation?
  5. RAM is also called as
  6. An integrated circuit is
  7. Which of the following device was not invented by Babbage?
  8. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  9. A pen shaped device which can sense light, and is used to point at spots on a video screen.
  10. One millisecond is
  11. ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.
  12. Where does most data go first with in a computer memory hierarchy?
  13. UNIVAC is
  14. Which of the following require large computers memory?
  15. The Width of a processor's data path is measured in bits. Which of the following are common data paths?
  16. A hybrid computer
  17. Symbolic logic was discovered by
  18. FORTRAN is a programming language. What does FORTRAN stand for?
  19. What does DMA stand for?
  20. The personal computer industry was started by
  21. A number that is used to control the form of another number is known as
  22. ________is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.
  23. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different…
  24. Which one of the following input device is user- programmable?
  25. Data division is the third division of a _____ program.
  26. Which of the following is first generation of computer
  27. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process is
  28. The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is
  29. When was the X window system born?
  30. Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?