Which country Imposes World's Toughest Law Against Plastic Bags recently?

A. Kenya

B. India

C. Iraq

D. Pakistan

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  1. Tony de Brum, the well-known climate awareness activist has passed away. He hailed from which country?
  2. 2017 IAAF World Championships was held from 4th to 13th August 2017 in:
  3. Two Iranian companies have signed the country' s biggest-ever car deal with multinational automobile…
  4. To whom did PV Sindhu lost in the final of World Badminton Championship to settle for Silver medal?
  5. Which scheme was renamed by the Union Cabinet recently?
  6. India celebrated the 75th anniversary of which historic movement on 09th August 2017?
  7. ________ and International Vaccine Institute on August 21, 2017 signed an agreement to collaborate on…
  8. Which cabinet minister confers National Level Awards to Anganwadi workers?
  9. Which company has announced that it has acquired Millarworld, a comic book company?
  10. Recently, The Indian government has restricted import of gold, silver items from __________.
  11. Which country will be building a stadium resembling an Arabian skull cap for the 2022 World Cup?
  12. Which Bank has offered a 2-tier interest rate for savings account?
  13. Who has been appointed as the Secretary General of the Freedom of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry…
  14. Who has become the second Indian female footballer to win the Arjuna Award?
  15. To whom the Union Minister Arun Jaitley hands over LRSAM?
  16. India and which country have jointly submitted a proposal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) calling…
  17. Which ministry sets up Task Force on Artificial Intelligence recently?
  18. Which currency notes are going to be released by the Reserve Bank of India recently?
  19. Who among the following veteran actress has been selected for this year' s Prem Nazir Award?
  20. What is the theme of 2017 International Youth Day (IYD)?
  21. "Champions of Change" initiative, an effort to bring together diverse strengths for the benefit of the…
  22. Who to be named as First to be named Men's Player of the Year for Three Times?
  23. Who among the following African-American author has won the Hugo Award for Best Novel 2017 for her work…
  24. How many medals were won by India at the World Police & Fire Games in Los Angeles?
  25. Who on August 15, 2017 launched a website to honour gallantry award winners?
  26. Santosh Mohan Dev who dies at the age of 83 is a?
  27. Durgama Anchalare Malaria Nirakaran" (DAMON), a special programme to prevent the spread of malaria will…
  28. Name the supercentenarian who passed away on August 11, 2017.
  29. Which ministry has issued norms for Central offices to retrofit energy efficient appliances?
  30. Who has been appointment as the new chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)?