Which country launches First Cyber Court in e-commerce Hub?

A. China

B. North Korea

C. South Africa

D. Australia

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  1. For Which issue 10th India-European Union Counter meeting took place recently?
  2. Which three Indian firms have featured in Forbes' list of the world' s 100 most innovative companies?
  3. Which team has won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup football tournament?
  4. Jerry Lewis, the famous comedian passed away. He hailed from which country?
  5. Durgama Anchalare Malaria Nirakaran" (DAMON), a special programme to prevent the spread of malaria will…
  6. Health and wellness startup Cure.fit has roped in which Bollywood actor as its Brand Ambassador?
  7. Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar, a classical vocalist and one of the leading exponents of Dhupad tradition,…
  8. Where was the fourth session of India-Tanzania Joint Trade Committee (JTC) held?
  9. Which bank announced a software upgrade to create a single PoS machine which will accept payments through…
  10. Who has been appointed as the Director General of the Railway Protection Force?
  11. Swasth Bachche, Swasth Bharat' campaign was launched with the objective of?
  12. The 15th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of BIMSTEC countries has started in which city?
  13. Who becomes First Ever Football Player to score 350 La Liga Goals?
  14. Who has been appointment as the new chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)?
  15. Name the Indian shuttler who has won the men' s singles title of Bulgaria Open International Series…
  16. Name the country who's Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment will lead a major mission to India…
  17. Which hockey player's birth anniversary is celebrated on 29 August as National Sports Day?
  18. A NASA rocket mission named ------ will form night-time white artificial clouds visible by residents…
  19. Who got the 2016 Saraswati Samman recently?
  20. Which state government has launched Indira Canteen for urban poor?
  21. India' s first museum on the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent will open in which state?
  22. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared which country as polio free?
  23. A high-intensity earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale struck China recently. The epicenter…
  24. India has recently signed how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for Gujarat road project?
  25. Who has topped the Fortune' s annual list of 40 young and influential people in the field of business…
  26. Which bank on August 9, 2017 launched instant credit cards?
  27. What was the theme of 'World breastfeeding week 2017' celebrated from 1st to 7th August 2017?
  28. Which former RBI governor has authored the book "I Do What I Do" ?
  29. For the first time when was Los Angeles hosted Summer Olympics?
  30. Who was appointed as Russia's Ambassador to India?