Which element in chillies causes burning sensations?

A. Capsaicin

B. Cyanogen

C. Ammonia

D. Capsicum

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  1. The theory that believes that the first living organism came from another planet is known as
  2. Injection of insulin causes
  3. Malarial parasite is brought to human host by
  4. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  5. Dinosaur is a/an
  6. The thrombocytes are associated with
  7. Which one of the following cells helps in storing water and food materials?
  8. The thrombocytes are associated with
  9. The plant hormone which promotes ripening of fruits is
  10. The dinosaurs (terrible lizards) became very successful during
  11. The brain is covered by
  12. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  13. The blood pressure is controlled by the hormone
  14. The pigment which is responsible for blood clotting is
  15. The disease in which blood clotting does not take place is known as
  16. Deciduous forests are those with trees
  17. Formation of blood
  18. What is the colour of the outer portion of the spinal cord?
  19. Synthesis of nutrients by green plants is called
  20. Insulin is concerned with the metabolism of
  21. Edward Jenner to find out the efficacy of vaccination used
  22. Which among the following animals has the largest Intestine?
  23. Baldness is seen only in the males because
  24. What are the symptoms of 'Pellagra'?
  25. The animal without urinary bladder is
  26. The first person to observe the bacteria, protozoa and spermatozoa under the microscope was
  27. Cutting and layering are the methods of plant propagation usually referred to as
  28. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  29. The acid that is secreted in the stomach is
  30. The buffer substance in blood is