Which function is not supported by E-mail?

A. authentication

B. composition

C. Disposition

D. Displaying

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  1. Which of the following headers does a router look at to find how to route a data packet?
  2. 25 is used by SMTP
  3. In Secure Electronic Transaction, the description of the purchase and cost is contained in ________…
  4. You've taken your Windows 2000 laptop to a client's network and plugged it in. Your computer is configured…
  5. The idea of sharing one network address among the multiple physical networks can be done using the following…
  6. Which of the following is defined in RFC 4366?
  7. ADSL uses high-speed Internet service phone lines
  8. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
  9. In Integrated services model, ________ corresponds to token bucket filter.
  10. ________allows receiver to inform sender about the successful receiving of all the segments.
  11. What is the maximum size of IP header in the UDP Datagram format?
  12. What is the code used for Interpret As Command (IAC)?
  13. AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.
  14. Your network has gotten a single class C address but has 300 computers. How can you connect them to…
  15. The key concern in the design of transmission system is -------------- and ---------------
  16. What is the address identified when socket is available at each end of TCP?
  17. What is the default port for Telnet?
  18. AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.
  19. What is attenuation?
  20. Which layer of the OSI model does a switch operate in?
  21. Which of the following is also known as IP masquerading?
  22. Which type of BGP message is sent by a system to notify another router of the senders existence?
  23. DSL stands for ------------------------
  24. What can be used in the place of DNS to resolve host names to IP addresses?
  25. Which of the following protocol was developed to overcome limitations of Routing Information Protocol…
  26. Which of the following IP addresses are used by multicast devices?
  27. Which field in Domain Name System message format specifies the class of query?
  28. Which of the following was initially designed as a video and audio compression standard?
  29. You have a network card with only one connector, which looks like a place to plug an oversized phone…
  30. Your Web server is also configured as an FTP server. What part of the data packet will tell the server…