Which is the layer of a computer system between the hardware and the user program

A. Operating system

B. Operating environment

C. System environment

D. None

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  1. When a child dies, it sends a _______________signal to its parent.
  2. Which one is true for unconditional disk formatting?
  3. Underlined text, such as text and folder names is referred to as
  4. A bar that inform you the available options in your computer, opened applications, background running…
  5. To install the new font
  6. The Network Time Protocol is similar to _______________algorithm in that synchronization is also performed…
  7. Process migration involves__________________
  8. In the case of____________, message remains in the senders address space until the receiver executes…
  9. The two sub systems of user mode layer of windows 2000 are _________ and __________
  10. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test (POST)?
  11. The maximum size of a write file is limited to only
  12. The _____________ are based on modification of the original message in some manner, or on creation of…
  13. The find command is different from most UNIX commands in that each of the argument expressions following…
  14. Once text has been cut to the clipboard, you can____hat text into another document
  15. RPN stands for
  16. A process is _________________
  17. DSM stands for______________
  18. In___________, the requesting device or devices assert the signal bus_request.
  19. All of the following are TRUE regarding virtual memory EXCEPT
  20. Find out the characteristics of System-oriented names:
  21. What do you mean by 0-reliable level in multicast communication?
  22. You can move a window to a different position on your screen by dragging it by its
  23. ___________variable is not automatically created on all UNIX systems but is used by so many programs…
  24. A small part of taskbar that has icons of background running applications is
  25. Which of the following is drop down list?
  26. A solution to starvation is _____________.
  27. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------
  28. Taskbar is used for
  29. What is dispatch latency?
  30. A process may create a new process by executing ___________system call.