Which javadoc tag is used to denote a comment for methods parameters?

A. @method

B. @parameter

C. @argument

D. @param

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  1. Which of the following classes are available in the java.lang package?
  2. A method declared as static can not access non-static class members.
  3. A JSP file can be stored_________________
  4. Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?
  5. A variable declared inside the for loop control can not be referenced out side the loop.
  6. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.
  7. A catch can have comma-separated multiple arguments.
  8. Which of the following methods can be used to remove a component from the display?
  9. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  10. Which of the following keywords are used to control access to a class member?
  11. In order to connect to a database through java program we must create _______-
  12. It is perfectly legal to refer to any instance variable inside of a static method.
  13. Any class may be inherited by another class in the same package.
  14. executeUpdate automatically updates data because___________
  15. EJBs can be of the following type(s)None of the above
  16. A package is a collection of
  17. We can over load methods with differences only in their return type.
  18. Which of the following are keywords?
  19. JdbcOdbcDriver is an object of Object class
  20. A Java monitor must either extend thread class or implement Runnable interface.
  21. Which of the following statements are valid array declarations?
  22. It is an error to catch the same type of exception in two different catch blocks associated with a particular…
  23. Which are the valid ways to create DataInputStream streams?
  24. Which exception is thrown by the read() method of InputStream class?
  25. A static class method can be invoked by simply using the name of the method alone.
  26. We would like to make a member of a class visible in all subclasses regardless of what package they…
  27. A string object can not be modified after it is created.
  28. forName() is a static factory method
  29. In RMI we invoke client method from remote server
  30. The use of protected keyword to a member in a class will restrict its visibility as follows: