What is the correct answer?


Which of the following are present in monocot root ?

A. conjoint, collateral, open polyarch vascular bundle.

B. exodermis, endarch, tetrarch closed vascular bundles.

C. suberized exodermis, casparian strip, passage cells, cambium.

D. suberized exodermis, polyarch xylem, pith.

Correct Answer :

D. suberized exodermis, polyarch xylem, pith.

The internal structure of a typical monocotyledon root is similar to dicotyledon root. Number of xylem bundles are more than six (polyarch) in monocotyledon root (exceptionally the number of xylem bundles are two to six in onion). Pith is well developed in monocotyledon root. Monocot roots do not undergo secondary growth.

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