Which of the following behaves most closely like an ideal gas?

A. He

B. N2

C. O2

D. H2

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  1. For multi-component multiple phases to be in equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature, the __________…
  2. Which of the following is affected by the temperature?
  3. Claude's liquefaction process employs the cooling of gases by
  4. The freezing point of a liquid decreases when the pressure is increased, if the liquid __________ while…
  5. Number of components (C), phase (P) and degrees of freedom (F) are related by Gibbs phase rule as
  6. The effect of changing the evaporator temperature on COP as compared to that of changing the condenser…
  7. For a reversible process involving only pressure-volume work
  8. A system is said to be at equilibrium, if the entropy of the system has reached __________ value.
  9. Entropy change of mixing two liquid substances depends upon the
  10. With increase in compression ratio, the efficiency of the otto engine
  11. Which of the following is a widely used refrigerant in vapour compression refrigeration system (using…
  12. In vapour compression refrigeration system, if the evaporator temperature and the condenser temperatures…
  13. Clausius-Clapeyron equation is applicable to __________ equilibrium processes.
  14. In jet refrigerators, the refrigerating fluid is practically always
  15. Degree of freedom of a system consisting of a gaseous mixture of H2 and NH3 will be
  16. Which of the following is not affected by temperature changes?
  17. Heat pump
  18. The temperature at the eutectic point of the system is the __________ temperature that can be attained…
  19. In a homogeneous solution, the activity coefficient of a component depends upon the
  20. The equation DU = Tds - PdV is applicable to infinitesimal changes occuring in
  21. Which of the following is not a reversible process?
  22. Which of the following equations is obtained on combining 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics, for a system…
  23. With increase in temperature, the atomic heat capacities of all solid elements
  24. A system in which there is exchange of energy but not of mass, is called a/an __________ system.
  25. In reactions involving solids and liquids (where change in volume is negligible), the heat of reaction…
  26. The value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient, in case where cooling occurs after the throttling process is
  27. (1/V) (∂V/∂T)P is the mathematical expression
  28. Pick out the wrong statement.
  29. Which of the following will increase the volume of a real gas by four times?
  30. The chemical potential of a component (μi) of a phase is the amount by which its capacity for doing…