Which of the following can absorb gases quickly?

A. Activated charcoal

B. Anthracite coal

C. Diamond

D. Graphite

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  1. Penicillin was discovered by
  2. The kinetic energy of gas molecules
  3. The iron salt used in blue prints is
  4. The value of Avogadro Number is
  5. Which of the following la a very good supporter of combustion?
  6. In surgical operation, the anaesthetic commonly used nowadays is
  7. Beri-beri is caused by deficiency of Vitamin
  8. Heated saw dust catches fire when a drop of concentrated nitric acid is added to it. This is due to
  9. The form of carbon used in decolourising sugar solution is
  10. Which of the following cannot be used for the preparation of soap?
  11. A mixture of ethyl alcohol and water can be separated by
  12. Temporary hardness is due to the presence of
  13. The neutron was discovered by
  14. Metals are usually heavy. A light metal is
  15. In addition to nitric acid, another acid which may render iron passive is
  16. A non-metal which is a good conductor or heat and electricity is
  17. Quick lime has the formula
  18. One of the ingredients of the paste on the side of a match box is
  19. The raw materials required for the manufacture of glass are
  20. Which of the following cannot be used as fuel?
  21. The raw materials used in the manufacture of cement are
  22. Which of the following is not a chemical change?
  23. Hard water does not lather well with soap because
  24. The number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom of mass A and atomic number Z is given by
  25. A metal which occurs 'free' in nature is
  26. The substance preserved under water is
  27. Rain water collected after a shower la very pure because
  28. Solid carbon dioxide (Dry ice) is also known as
  29. The metal which reacts most violently with cold water is
  30. The Long Form of the Periodic Table is based on