Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?

A. Mica

B. Ceramic

C. Mylar

D. Electrolytic

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  1. In a rectangular wavea the peak factor is
  2. If the inductance is decreaseda the impedance of the circuit containing a resistor a capacitor and an…
  3. Which waveform in which the rms value and the mean value are equal?
  4. When two complex conjugates are subtracteda the result is a
  5. Which of the following capacitors has the highest cost per F?
  6. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 3 microhenrys and C of 40 picofarads are in series?
  7. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6…
  8. The second strip of an electronic resistor color-code represents
  9. The ratio of maximum value to the effective value of an alternating quantity is called
  10. In a series RLCcircuit
  11. In an ac circuita the power dissipated as heat depends on
  12. The capacitance of a capacitor is ___ relative permittivity.
  13. In a parallel bank with unequal branch resistances
  14. A term used to express the amount of electrical energy stored in electrostatic field.
  15. If a certain circuit has a current that is lagging the voltage by 45a then it displays
  16. In a circuita an active element is one which
  17. Series resonance occurs when
  18. The mutual inductance between two coils is ___ the reluctance of magnetic path.
  19. When current and voltage arte in phase in an ac circuita the ___ is equal to zero.
  20. What is the most common non-sinusoidal waveform?
  21. Nortons theorem is what form of an ac equivalent circuit?
  22. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a wire-wound resistor?
  23. When capacitors are connected in seriesa the total capacitance is
  24. What is the total capacitance of 10 capacitorsa each of 20 F in series?
  25. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  26. What is the hot resistance of a 100 Wa 220 V incandescent lamp?
  27. If the capacitance of mica capacitor is 5 times the capacitcitora then the relative permittivity of…
  28. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 25 microhenrys and C of 10 picofarads are in parallel?
  29. Transient period is considered over after
  30. Two complex numbers or phasors are said to be conjugate if they